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Top 10 Things Your Brain Should Know About Itself
  1. Some experts estimate the average person loses about 9000 brain cells a day.
  2. Your brain consists of approximately100 billion cells and weighs about 3 pounds.
  3. While you're awake, your brain generates about 25 watts of power. That’s enough to illuminate a light bulb, so you should be grateful that’s not happening while you’re asleep.
  4. Your brain is a power hog. Although it makes up only 2% of your body's weight, it uses 20% of your body's energy.
  5. The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, and the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body.
  6. About 750ml of blood pumps through your brain every minute.
  7. The human brain is about 75% water.
  8. Think fast! Information travels through the brain as fast as 268 miles per hour.
  9. Every time you yawn you’re sending a wake-up call to the brain. The extra air you inhale when yawning goes into your lungs, which send that extra oxygen to the blood and then to the brain, giving it a little jolt of alertness.
  10. A study where several nuns were asked to write autobiographical essays when they were 20 and then tested when they were 80, showed better cognitive ability and less evidence of Alzheimer’s among those whose early essays contained more complex ideas and stories. The lesson? The earlier you begin exercising your brain, the longer you’ll retain your brain fitness.

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