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Why It Works

CogniFit Personal Coach is effective because it creates a cognitive training program that is personalized specifically for you. Before you begin your training, you take a 30-minute baseline assessment of your cognitive abilities. Using this information, Personal Coach develops a program of exercises that is designed to provide improvement exactly where you need it and at the strength level right for you. CogniFit offers a powerful combination of personalized training and scientifically proven methodologies.

Personalized CogniFit Personal Coach begins by assessing your cognitive abilities to create training specifically for you. As you train, the program adjusts to reflect your progress and make sure that your training is not too easy and not too hard, but always challenging and fun.
CogniFit online training exercises 14 key cognitive abilities, to promote overall brain fitness and mental conditioning. Since most everyday tasks require a combination of cognitive skills, this comprehensive approach produces excellent results that you can feel in your daily life.
 Responsive CogniFit Personal Coach analyzes and responds to your current situation and your rate of progress to provide exactly the training you need when you need it. So if you’re feeling tired on a given day, your current session will reflect that and adjust your tasks accordingly.
Engaging & Fun CogniFit Personal Coach presents you with a wide range of scientifically designed tasks and exercises that will keep you continually interested, challenged, and engaged as you improve your cognitive skills.
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