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Fitness & Healthcare

Fitness Clubs and Healthcare Practices Will Enhance Connection with Clients

  • Save Time
  • Drive Compliance
  • Generate Repeated Visits

Nutribasic™ Pro is a new way to run a healthcare practice or a personal training business. Our subscription service allows professionals to easily create plans, analyze and monitor clients online or offline.

Our solutions deliver the tools for the professionals and their clients to achieve positive outcomes.  It adds flexibility to any healthcare practice or facility allowing expansion of the client base without the need to add staff.

Our services adapt to your business models. FAST, EASY AND SECURE!

If you own a Fitness Club or a Clinic, we can provide you with YOUR Wellness Portal. It will be branded as your organization and you can customize to include all your programs and diets, as well as your specific exercises and machines.

Key Benefits:

  • Create personalized meal and fitness plans in minutes
  • Preview plans and the nutritional analysis of recipes
  • Access our library of thousands of meal plans created by our registered dietitians to quickly personalize them for your clients’ needs
  • Choose ready-to-use meal plans for: low carb, vegetarian, low sodium, gluten free, low protein, soft foods and more. We add new plans all the time
  • Auto-generate meal plans based on your own nutritional criteria
  • Enter recipes for nutritional analysis and label creation
  • Get access to our large database of foods and exercises including: ethnic, branded, recipes, fast food chains, aerobics, stretching, weight training and Pilates. Our database is updated daily
  • Analyze clients’ meals and exercises and generate shopping lists
  • Clients can follow plans online or offline
  • Monitor and connect with your clients

No more spending time to do journal analysis, meal and/or fitness planning without being paid. It saves you time and allows you to market services to new clients.

The facts support the need for increased awareness and personal ownership for health management. What better way than with the Nutribasic™ system to work in conjunction with your client to achieve their optimal health?  It is essential that individuals who are living with diabetes are able to access the necessary resources to ensure they are able to manage their disease and stay healthy.  With Nutribasic™ , individuals are able to track their food intake patterns, their physical activity routines as well as other medical aspects of their health so that they will be empowered to manage their health and wellbeing along with your support.

Health CareThere is solid evidence that suggests many cases of diabetes can be prevented by increasing daily physical activity and making healthy food choices.  Nutribasic™ allows individuals to access balanced meal plans and track things like their daily blood sugar readings, their physical activity and food intake to help them manage their diabetes.

Healthcare TeamChronic disease management is a pro-active, population-based approach that addresses chronic diseases early in the disease cycle to prevent disease progression and reduce potential health complications. Multiple strategies are used to improve the health of all patients diagnosed with specific conditions.  Nutribasic™ is a perfect pro-active tool to help patients take control of their health between visits to their healthcare provider.

Patient education is an important aspect of patient-centred care and helps to foster a partnership between the patient and provider. Educational materials and tools from Nutribasic™ are available to assist patients to set personal goals and improve their health maintenance strategies. Collaborative goal-setting has the best chance of positive behavioural change.

In a recent study found in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (August 2008),  participants who recorded their daily food intake and their exercise minutes at least 6 days per week, lost twice as much as participants who did not record their food intake or physical activity.  The magic of food records?  It makes you accountable to yourself.  Nutribasic™ is a perfect addition to any fitness and exercise program.


We are your partner in helping you extend your brand reach and increase revenue!

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